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Friday, April 20, 2012

Don2 Unconvincing But Crisp, Sleek and Uber-Cool downloadable films for rent by the minute

Each and every single frame of Don2 is suave, exotic and exquisite but when all those frames are combined and run together,film downloads for free, Don2 misses the plot line. The plot is pretty easy though: Five years later, Don (Shahrukh Khan)-after establishing his unchallengeable fiefdom in Asia-heads towards Europe to extend his drug-cartel. This expectedly does not go well in to the European mafia and they consort themselves to 'keel Don'. But Don apparently has some other strategy and to pull it off,downloadable films for rent by the minute, he desires his old-time 'frenemy' Vardhan (Boman Irani). So what does he do now? Very simple: He surrenders himself for the cops: Roma (Priyanka Chopra) and Mr. Malik (Om Puri), and takes Vardhan out of Kuala Lampur jail. From there they head to Zurich and after that to Berlin to steal "banknote printing plates" from the highly-secured central bank, which will make his, effectively, rich,download latest releases! Sounds very simple? But Don has quite a few sub-plans within the plans which make him con Vardhan once more this time. In his sub-plans, his aides are Ayesha (Lara Dutta) and also the hacker-guy (Kunal Kapoor). At the finish with the story, Don has the banknote-plates and he manages to strike a deal with the police-remember the "disk" inside the prequel? Yeah, he provides it for the cops and all of the European mafia is behind bars-and Don, now, is often a absolutely free respectable man,film downloads uk!

Don2 starts with a slow and dragging initially half and takes time to pitch in all the characters. The second half is substantially better and sharp. The movie is all about Shahrukh and he doesn't disappoint his fans a little by pulling his character off with style and élan, although he from time to time go overboard with his baritone and pitch which diminishes the general seriousness with the sequence. But full marks towards the ease with he slips into negativity. Boman Irani, surprisingly, looks out of form right here. And no matter how tough Priyanka Chopra tries, she does not look threatening et all and is usually a discomfort to bear. Om Puri disappoints and doesn't have significantly footage. Lara Dutta does her short cameo with elegance and charm. Kunal Kapoor is okay.

Direction, costumes and background score is all where Don2 scores. Each and every single shot oozes style and polish. The fight and car-chasing sequences are engrossing and the shots of never-seen-before Berlin are breath-taking.

But the plot, like a party-spoiler irritates, is hardly convincing (except the part exactly where they loot the bank) and leaves lots of unanswered concerns:

If having out of jail was that straightforward, then was Vardhan waiting for Don all these years to acquire out?
Why did Don require Vardhan? Didn't he have his own guys? Seemed so,downloadable movies, given that within the opening sequence, he takes his own consignee!

After preparing to 'keel Don', where was the European mafia partying as opposed to killing Don,new film downloads, he came to Berlin, right? We wanted to see a person apart from dumb Indian Cops chasing Don there!

Once bitten twice shy, right? Not so significantly in case in the cops (Priyanka and Om Puri) who are coxed by Don into believing in him. They repeatedly acquire the truth that Don has got a change of heart and definitely choose to support them!

As an insult towards the viewer's intelligence, the element where Hrithik (Yes, he's there too to up the style-quotient) unmasks himself as Don, is properly...really lame!

Apart from the flaws in the plot, Don2 is often a visual treat and matches the panache of Hollywood flicks like Ocean's11. Watch it out for Shahrukh, who undisputedly will be the king of-like everything-the film. All cheers to Shahrukh and his charisma.

~My ratings (3/5)

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