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New Releases Movie Downloads

Friday, April 20, 2012

TV Review Mike and Molly (CBS) film to download

MIKE & MOLLY ,film to download
SEPTEMBER 20,downloading movie sites, 2010

Just like the Fall of 2007 when THE BIG BANG THEORY premiered, there was no mistaking the show would be a hit. Fast-forward three years and it is clear that CBS has done it again. Every character is deep in humor while maintaining their individuality, and even the recurring roles have an opportunity to shine.

Casting could not have been more on the nose, with each actor bringing their A-Game and drawing on their own talents while executing the great comedic writing. At first it feels like the show will be a sleeper that is an all round hilarious show that takes time to build an audience. This should not be the case as the show is slotted between the ever solid TWO AND A HALF MEN and the revamped remake of the long running HAWAII FIVE-O.

There is little doubt that the positioning will benefit the show tremendously, but with the writing at such a high caliber, it needs little help. Everything Chuck Lorre touches turns to gold and even when he is not involved in the creative process nothing great gets by. Mark Roberts has performed as a stand-up comedian and played characters on several sitcoms,download movies legal, but his greatest contribution is his new show MIKE & MOLLY.

Molly Flynn (Melissa McCarthy ) is an elementary school teacher who begins improving her life by attending an over-eaters anonymous meeting. She lives at home with her mom and sister who in themselves are a pair to be reckoned with.

Joyce Flynn (Swoosie Kurtz ) is a widow who may have spent many of her days as a young adult touring in a VW bus with The Grateful Dead. Her need to be hip can grind on the nerves of Molly, opening the door for verbal sarcasm that would cause most mothers to feel bad. Joyce,movie download psycho beach party, however, lets it all roll off her shoulders but not before she sends verbal stingers right back.

Victory Flynn (Katy Mixon ) is the pot-tokin' sister who spends her days with the dead. Marijuana is her best friend after she comes home from a hard day at work as a funeral home beautician. Her male preference is married men who she can have fun with and then send home.

Officer Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell ) is one of the largest men on the force, so he decides to join over eaters anonymous. His partner never lets a chance go by that he doesn't call Mike on his eating habits.

Peggy Biggs (Rondi Reed ), Mike's single mom, attempts to control every aspect of his life. Her disposition is cranky and she never lets Mike forget that his dad ran away with a prostitute. Peggy's pride and joy is her dog,movies to download, Jim, who she talks to like a human.

Officer Carl MacMillan (Reno Wilson ) is Mike's partner in the Chicago Police Department. His love life suffers, blaming it on living with his grandmother. His inability to edit what he says keeps most woman at a distance.

Rosetta MacMillan (Cleo King ) is Carl's grandmother who loves Mike like he was her own. Her traditional ways get on Carl's nerves which has them verbally sparring daily.

Vincent Moranto (Louis Mustillo ) is Joyce's boy toy who says whats on his mind to the chagrin of the ladies. His crude comments are taken with love from Joyce,how to download films, but Molly will not let him get away with anything.

Samuel (Nyambi Nyambi ) is a waiter at the local restaurant where the officers have lunch. His African decent is a focal point of his life where he admits terrible suffering. He has no sympathy for anyone and never lets a chance to remind Mike how much food he consumes.

The show is a never ending half hour of fun and humor with writing that never seems to peak while pushing the actors to bring it every week. This is more an ensemble cast with everyone getting a chance to have a main storyline. A must see of the 2010 Fall Season with non stop laughs. Billy & Melissa will be the number one couple of the season.

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  1. Mike and Molly is beginning to be one of my favorite shows during Primetime on CBS. Melissa McCarthy is such a funny comic, I loved her in Bridesmaids. I couldn't stop laughing at her but she looks a lot prettier on Mike and Molly. Luckily I can still watch all my favorite shows during Primetime with my new Hopper DVR from my employer Dish. It has massive recording space and can record up to 6 live HD shows without interference. So I no longer have to miss my shows.