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New Releases Movie Downloads

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sister Dorothy and the Fate of the Amazon Rainforest pay per movie download

What a effective,the movies download, visceral movie! They Killed Sister Dorothy was remarkable,movie download psycho beach party! I could not finish it for the reason that I was too upset, but my friend told me the finish. Possessing spent an excellent deal of time myself in Brazil, I can relate deeply to the attitudes represented in this documentary. Both that if the ranchers,mpeg movies, the workers along with the PDS participants.

There are a number of groups of actors in this movie. The ranch and sawmill workers that would like to make a living cutting trees and tending to cattle that may grow to be dinner on the plates of middle and upper class Brazilians. You can find the ranch owners like "Taradao" ("Sleazy" in English) that care most about maximizing their profit at the expense of the trees and soil from the Amazon (the lungs with the world,million movies download com, second only in carbon sequestration towards the deep ocean).

Next we've Americo Leal, literally,pay per movie download, Americo (taken from America) Loyal. Americo will be the lawyer defending the man that killed sister Dorothy. He claims that Dorothy was not a nun. She was an agent with the U.S. government sent to the Amazon in disguise as a nun to begin an uprising within the Amazon in order that we North Americans could ultimately take over the Amazon and enjoy the wealth of its resources. This man tends to make me ashamed in the human race.

And then there is Sister Dorothy and her landless followers that desire to reside sustainably...or so they claim. One particular of Dorothy's opponents says that her plan for the PDS (Sustainable Development Project) isn't "sustainable." What he means is the fact that the small-scale agroforestry style program place forth by sister Dorothy will not build new logging and ranching jobs for folks like him. Ah, the ever sacred claim of new jobs. This sounds incredibly familiar. It is a claim not infrequently created by American politicians once they are trying to get elected. But just what type of jobs is he talking about?

Most with the jobs produced by the logging and ranching industry will be low paying jobs with few rewards. They would almost certainly be superior than working the drive by means of window at McDonald's, but ultimately, not any additional sustainable economically or ecologically. Why? Exactly where are these workers going to perform once they cut down the last tree in Sector 55? Then they are going to move on to Sector 56. Then they are going to move on deeper into the Amazon until they reach....? The Pacific Ocean. Sounds a little like Manifest Destiny. Nicely, here's a hint for the ranchers and loggers of Para: I live in California, the continental limit of Manifest Destiny inside the United states plus the forest cover is only a fraction of what it was 200 years ago. The state's economic climate is bankrupt and half with the state parks are getting closed on account of the price range crisis.

If the future they want for the Amazon is usually a treeless,film download sites, eroded landscape a thing like the American southwest then preserve on cutting, my friends, simply because that is certainly specifically where this model of improvement is headed.

How quickly history is forgotten. There were bands of savage Indians living on these lands for thousands of years devoid of clearing forests and smashing a branding iron into a cow's rear end. Yet somehow these ranchers and loggers think that clearing many of the most medicinally import forests on the planet at the speed of spinning steel and roaring Caterpillars is superior than the concepts put forth by the PDS. I urge you to acquire on a plane and visit the Brazilian frontier and see for yourself what we humans are performing to our fellow species.

There is really a greater way. Sister Dorothy knew this and she took it with her to her Amazonian grave. We are able to no longer sacrifice the other inhabitants our of planet for our short term acquire and material comfort.

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